Cosmetic Needling

Cosmetic needling dramatically increases the effectiveness of the topically applied Environ products. The tools are easy to use and are used to pre-treat small areas and even large curved areas of the face and body. The Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT®, Focus-CIT™ is designed to enhance the overall look and feel of the skin.

• Once opened, use within 10 - 12 weeks to ensure optimal vitamin activity.
• Can be used by male and female clients.
• Not painful and does not damage the skin. .
Treatment in the the North of London

E Environ provides a range of retail and salon products that bridge the gap which include scientifically proven, active ingredients in high enough concentrations ensures effectiveness. Homecare products are prescribed following a consultation with an Environ therapist because within most ranges, the key ingredients are, almost uniquely in the beauty world, included in increasing strengths. This allows the user’s skin to be introduced gradually to the powerful benefits of high doses of vitamin A without suffering a reaction. The therapist can recommend the products with the appropriate level of activity to suit each individual’s skin condition or problems. Most of the products are fragrance free and contain no artificial colorants. Environ avoids adding preservatives to products during manufacturing, except for just a few where it has been essential to do so. These aspects help make the products suitable for even the most sensitive skin.